prison objects

Fishing is one of Icelands main industries. In the search for a product that could be made by prison inmates of Icelands biggest prison Lita Hraun prison objects tried to combine the wastes of the fishing industry – fishing nets – with the donations of the icelandic Red Cross – old ceramic hollow-ware. The thermoplastic fishing nets get shredded into pieces and molten within a self made extruder, yielding a strand of colourful material, with its colour depending on the selection of the shredded parts. This stand is used as a connecting element for the ceramics donated by the red cross. The ceramic objects are painted using a simple hydro-transfer printing technique.

Because of the individual nature and shapes of the used parts prisoners are not forced to work in a repetitve grind, but can make aesthetic choices for each individual combination of parts they face – this way they become designers themselves.