parrot cage

A cooperation between DIE ZEIT and
Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung
Published in the section "Z" in DIE ZEIT No. 42
In collaboration with Nils Reinke-Dieker

Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung is an initiative which gives free advice and design services, by preference to those who cannot afford it or those excluded from the design debate.
An elderly couple which wasn’t able to move their huge parrot cage anymore – from the winter garden to the garden – contacted us through the newspaper. Because of the five steps between winter garden and garden and the weight of the cage the couple was unable to move the two grey parrots out for summer and fresh air.

After the first visit we developed different designs and discussed our concepts with the couple. Our final idea was, not to move the cage down the stairs, but to rearrange the wheels of the cage towards the middle so half of the cage labs over the first step and the couple can be closer to their grey parrots while sitting outside. To stop the potentially hazardous tilting of the two meter high cage we placed a counterweight beneath the rear floor. In order to make it easier to move, we installed a handle.